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Precious Metal Refiner that's Committed to Quality

For those looking for a gold refinery or silver refinery in Australia, look no further than Aussiemint. We’ve been providing accurate appraisals, along with our attention to customer satisfaction, for many years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We are proud to be a trusted resource for many who seek to invest in precious metals. Our staff is ready to help you get the most value out of your investment via meeting your needs, whether you’re looking to buy or sell precious metals.

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Aussiemint is a Gold & Silver Refinery based in Melbourne, Victoria. We specialise in providing Precious Metal Refining services to the Australian market as well as Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands. We are Tradex licensed and can process up to 250kg of Silver per day along with 100kg of Gold per day.

With over a decade of experience in supporting our customers’ bullion-related needs, our business strives to provide a dependable service that our customers can always count on. As a precious metal refinery, we remain attentive to our customers’ need for a gold refiner or silver refiner that can take care of their valued items. No matter your need for gold refineries in Australia, we understand that you’re likely to have made your investment based on the attractive qualities that precious metals can add to an investment portfolio. Regardless, we’ve been able to help with customer enquiries across different states, including South Australia and Tasmania.

Gold and Silver Refiner Australia Investors Trust

Being investors in precious metals ourselves, we understand the kind of liquidity and stored value potential that comes with gold, silver and other precious metals. We apply this pragmatic understanding to all our dealings with our customers. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your precious metals, we are a gold refiner and silver refinery you can rely on, for fair valuations. It helps to know that you aren’t too far from reaching out to a reliable gold refinery in Australia, when it comes to your need for quality bullion-related services.

As a trusted gold and silver refinery Australian investors can trust, you know you’re in safe hands when you buy or sell with Aussiemint.

Gold and Silver Refinery Australia

Regardless of whether you’re thinking about entering or exiting the market, we can provide a broad scope of bullion-related services as a gold and silver refinery Australian businesses regard highly. Whether you’re in need of a gold refining or silver refining services, know that our outstanding customer service and attention to detail is what sets us apart in our business, and has gotten us recognised as among the most reputable buyers and sellers of precious metals locally. Our business works with investors from across the country, including within states like WA and South Australia.

Gold and Silver Refinery Australia

Complete Suite of Services for Buyers and Sellers of Precious Metals

Know that we provide a nonpareil service that will take care of your needs, no matter whether you’re intending to buy or sell your precious metals. All our appraisals are conducted in accordance to the best market values available, and we are always able to provide you with the latest insight and information as to when best to invest or liquidate your assets. It’s our years of practical experience that makes us as knowledgeable as we are as a gold and silver refiner. When you live and breathe precious metals, there’s a tendency for that passion to present itself in all customer dealings as well.

As our consultants always keep a keen eye on market fluctuations and trends, you’ll know that you’ll get only the best advice when it comes to understanding what to do with your assets. Regardless of whether you’re thinking of entering or exiting the market, we are always prepared to make you an attractive offer that can help to maximise your value of investment. Our services are comprehensive, and we can help you no matter if you’re based in South Australia or in Queensland. Whether you’re looking to:

  • Sell gold or silver,
  • Buy into precious metals, or
  • Need expert valuation on your assets, we can help

Reliable and Professional Bullion Services in Australia

Remember that our consultants are only a phone call away if you ever need our advice and assistance on bullion-related matters. Being among Australia’s most trusted gold and silver refineries means that we will be able to help you find insightful information that can help with any investment decision you are about to make. Backed by a strong industry network, we will always be able to provide the best recommendations to you, when it concerns how best to proceed with your investment in gold or silver. Call Aussiemint today at 0488 786 680 to see what we can do to help.

    - How we work

    Working with Aussiemint is simple. You email us your details and other related information. We then send you back compliance documents for you to peruse and sign. Once these documents are signed and returned, we can get started.

    At Aussiemint, we’ve acquired brand new technology that allows us to quickly process any metals that we receive. We first check the metal with x-ray technology, and the client receives 90% of the total payment within one hour based on these results.

    We then use our new lead fire assay to finish analysing the metal. Within 24-48 hours we get the final result, and based on this the client receives their final payment.


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